Well, this may be a reason why former All-Star center Dwight Howard was ineffective in the Atlanta Hawks final game of the season.

Howard’s head may not have been in the game because of a pesky quality of life situation that happened earlier that morning. He got caught speeding without proper registration and had his car towed.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

“A police report states that Howard, 31, was pulled over for speeding in the wee hours of the morning on April 28. Police found that he was driving on a suspended registration and without insurance…After the officer ran Howard’s driver license and tag number through the National Crime Information Center, the car came up as having a suspended registration with no insurance, police said. When the officer told Howard what he found, Howard seemed “confused” and insisted that he had insurance, but couldn’t provide an insurance card when police asked for it…The officer wrote Howard a ticket for his lack of insurance and then gave the 6-foot-11 center a verbal warning for speeding and suspended registration.”

NBA viewers and fans of any team Howard has ever played for know his “confused” face all too well. He makes it every time he travels or commits a foul.


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