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Online t-shirt make Teespring is getting some backlash for allowing a user to create “Black Women Are Trash” merchandise. 

The t-shirts surfaced recently and were reportedly created in response to another t-shirt being sold that said “Men Are Trash.” As harsh as that statement is, it was assigned to an entire gender. The response to it, however, contains a specific racial attack.


Yahoo! via Bougie Black Girl reports that the shirts were on sale for $13 and also included coffee mugs, hoodies and tank tops with the message on the front. BBG traced the account back to a Twitter user named @TruCharter.

It didn’t take long for word to spread about the offensive t-shirts. Which is why Teespring acted and took them down and issued an apology.

In a statement to Yahoo! a Teespring representative said: “We’d like to apologize for this offensive content that was posted on the Teespring platform. It does not reflect our views as an organization, and it violates Teespring’s acceptable use policies. Our team has removed this item from our site, and we’re monitoring closely to take down any other products that violate our content guidelines.”

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