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Floyd Mayweather thinks most of the rap music out today is making it cool to be addicted to drugs.

The Money Team general made the revelation during an interview on DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywoood Shuffle show.

“Now it’s OK to be a junkie,” Mayweather said. “This is crazy that it’s OK to O.D. on drugs, it’s OK to take any drugs now, it’s OK to be a junkie…The legendary rappers like to stick to what they talk [about]. When you go back and really listen to the legendary rappers, this is timeless music. Guys like Biggie, guys like Pac, timeless music.”

The guy may have a point. One of the most popular songs out right now is Future’s “Mask Off” where the hook is pretty much a cocktail of drugs. The irony is that Mayweather once claimed that he almost signed Future to his TMT record label.

However, there was a recent study that suggested that country music mentions drugs and alcohol way more that rap. Maybe Mayweather should change his listening diet?