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Mike Wise of The Undefeated says it smelled like “reefer” in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room after their Game 2 loss in the NBA Finals.

This is how stuff gets started.

As the Cavaliers are still licking their wounds from another defeat at the hands of the Golden State Warriors, it looks, or smells, like they are doing anything they can to ease the pain. Wise, who is covering the Finals, says that he smelled a familiar scent while in the locker room.

Many have responded to Wise’s claims by calling him a snitch. Meanwhile, other reporters who were in the locker room have come forward to say they didn’t smell anything.

Wise is taking the criticism in stride.

At times, it has looked like every Cav not named LeBron James has been high off something in the NBA Finals. The series goes back to Cleveland this week. They better hope that the Warriors get comfortable or mellow out themselves if they want a chance to win.