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Since 2015, the hashtag #BlackOutDay has become one of Twitter’s favorite moments and on the sixth of every month, the social media network is ablaze with several examples of Black beauty and excellence. Earlier today, #BlackOutDay hit the top of the Twitter trending topic ranks once again with all kinds of flourishing taking place.

Check out this Wikipedia explanation of #BlackOutDay:

Blackout Day is a social media event which encourages the posting of content that was created by and features everyday black people. Specific tags e.g. #TheBlackout and #BlackoutDay are used to connect users to that content and to increase visibility of that content. Blackout Day launched on March 6, 2015 and after an event on December 21, 2015 will be held on the sixth day of every third month, starting with March 6, 2016

Works for us.

Check out the flourishment from Twitter and #BlackOutDay in the photos below and on the following pages.

Photo: Twitter

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