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The Mayweather family has not been one to shy away from trouble or controversy. Built around the “Sweet Science,” the family has made use of the brutal sport to ascend to the heights of fame and prosperity. For well over thirty years, there has been a Mayweather man in a boxing ring, with Floyd Jr. acting as the prodigal son and most famous of them all. But with success comes unforeseen perils. Some meet their end by outside agents while others, either directly or indirectly, find themselves responsible for their own demise.

Unlike most times in recent news, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not the Mayweather of choice when it comes to recent debates. This time, all attention lies solely on his Uncle and trainer, Roger, who is facing career ending and potentially freedom robbing charges that might see him serve time in prison.

Arrested on charges of coercion with force and strangulation, the 48 year-old underground boxing legend may have propelled himself into a fray that he will not be able to punch himself out of. Occurring in Las Vegas, the elder Mayweather was formally charged due to a confrontation that he had with a professional boxer and former trainee. The victim of subject is none other than dynamic newcomer and talented pugilist, Melissa St. Vil.

According to the official police report, officers responded to a call at a private residence of which Mayweather was listed as the owner. Both fighters had previously cut ties with one another for reasons that remain unspecified. The report also explained that St. Vil moved into the residence owned by Roger, with records showing him having rented it to an unnamed man; a move which officials speculate as having fueled the ordeal that would ensue.

Authorities arrived at the house to Mayweather holding the boxer known as “Little Miss Tyson” down as she forcefully exposed blood. Before the discovery, Melissa stated that Roger punched her in the ribs several times and choked her to near unconsciousness. The man once known as the “Black Mamba” only suffered scratches to the face.

It is unclear whether the incident will impact the “Pound for Pound” best fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his quest to score a post-retirement return victory against Juan Manuel Marquez when they meet on September 19th.