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The Golden State Warriors might need to change their name to the Golden Woke Warriors, this after it came out that the team unanimously decided to skip the White House visit tradition according to several reports.  Fans and critics on Twitter are going off about the news, which came shortly after the team won its second championship in three years. 

The news that the team would skip the invitation from President Donald Trump for the annual photo op wasn’t much of a surprise, this after Warriors player Shaun Livingston went on record saying he intended to skip. Since Golden State’s championship win, reports have been pouring in from various sources that the decision to skip was indeed a team effort although an official statement from the team hasn’t been offered.

Stephen Curry and head coach Steve Kerr have also made public statements about President Trump’s policies, so this looked to be an expected turn of events.

It’s fair to note that Golden State visited the White House in 2015 when President Barack Obama was still in office, so it’s clear where the line is being drawn.

Check out some of the reactions to the Golden State Warriors White House snub via Twitter below and on the following pages.

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