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Contrary to popular internet belief, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is unbothered by Future and his petty ways.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, outspoken Seahawks’ defensive lineman Michael Bennett informed the world that Wilson is very much enjoying his life with Ciara and that Future isn’t having an impact on it whatsoever.

He also dispelled rumors that Future‘s music was banned from the locker room.

“It can’t be banned in my locker ’cause I listen to Future every single day when I’m in the locker room, just to get right,” said Bennett. “I don’t think Russell gets affected by it. I think he’s one of those guys who doesn’t really get affected by that. I think … he’s married to Ciara. He has a family. I think they’ve surpassed that.”

He also debunked any theories about Future being present at Seahawks playoff games have led to Wilson’s team losing. Especially their 2017 divisional round game.

“I was too busy trying to get Matt Ryan, Julio Jones,” he said. “I didn’t even know Future was at the game. I would’ve said what’s up.”

While Future has spoken openly and subliminally about Ciara and Russell’s relationship, Wilson has seemed to be too busy enjoying life, as he should be. Watch the entire interview below. Also, check out Bennett’s fellow football player and brother Martellus’ mixtape.