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Of all people, Master P is calling out BET for what he feels was a disingenuine tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

Whenever a beloved Black artist dies, BET is immediately charged with producing an appropriate tribute. Why? Because who else doing to do it?

So when Prodigy of Mobb Deep passed away just days before the BET Awards was set to happen, some of us might have expected them to at least give him a name drop. Which they did. But that wasn’t enough for Master P.

The No Limit Record founder shared his frustration with Prodigy’s “tribute” on Instagram.

P posted a video with the following caption:

The Truth Hurts…BET Would Have Never Changed Their Show For Prodigy If He Was Still Alive!! It was a great thing acknowledging and celebrating the life of Prodigy and all of his accomplishments. But It’s a shame that none of these artists are told how great they are while they’re alive. Why can’t they get their flowers and tokens of appreciation while they’re still living? I know the truth hurts. I just have one serious question… Was Prodigy or Mobb Deep on BET’s radar last week… were they invited to the red carpet event, offered guest passes or an invite to perform at the awards show in the last 10 years? I’m willing to bet the answer is NO. I came to support my daughter today on the BET Experience stage but I decided that my family and I will not participate in the red carpet or awards events this year. I love my people and I support them but we really need to do better by each other. We lost a very talented brother, Prodigy. I send my condolences to his family. Hopefully, one day we can start appreciating the talented sisters and brothers while they are still alive. I know that what I am saying may ruffle a few feathers but the truth needed to be heard.

Do you agree with P?

For what’s worth, P’s Mobb Deep partner Havoc and Lil Kim were able to show P love in their introduction of the Best Male Rapper award. The winner, Kendrick Lamar, also showed love in his acceptance speech, sharing how Prodigy was a direct influence on him early in his career.