Chance The Rapper has called out value snack maker Hostess for an unauthorized use of his likeness. The Chicago artist’s signature “3” hat was used by Hostess in a now-deleted tweet that also incorporated the rapper’s name as well.

Someone in the snack company’s social media department thought it’d be a good idea to slap the hat image on a box of snacks with the caption “How good is Chance the Snacker” along with mentioning the rapper in a tweet.

Chance, one of the more Internet-savvy recording artists of his time, has often railed against the corporate machine so it makes sense he would catch wind of a company using his image to push their wares.

Chance responded with “GIVE ME MY COIN,” which seemed to signal that the two entities are not in partnership with one another. The short-lived tweet inspired a pair of memes from fans of Chance, who applauded him for standing up for his brand.

We’ve collected what we could find on Chance The Rapper giving Hostess a piece of his mind below and on the following pages.

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