Julio continues to take a stronger stance in the org, by squashing an attempted defection from one of the primeras to another connect. Tommy doesn’t approve of his methods, and handles things in pure Tommy fashion. Will this create conflict?

Dre continues to immerse himself in the club business. His entrepreneurial ambitions, combined with shrew drug trafficking, fuel his desire to be more than a cog in the machine. He wants to be THE MAN, and with Ghost out of the way, he’s living the dream. Too bad his Kanaan problem gets worse every episode.

Tasha hears an unexpected revelation about Ghost’s infidelity. Angela tells her that Knox was her boyfriend at the time that she rekindled with Ghost (way back in season 1).  Angela has to get some pleasure dropping these bombs on Tasha. These intimate meetings between the two have to end in fireworks at some point.


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