It was 50 Cent’s birthday on Thursday (insert “In Da Club” opening line reference here ________). And to celebrate the occasion, Eminem sent out a quick happy birthday to the G-Unit general while going on to spit an old 50 verse that Em says made him “want to quit rapping.”

The verse in question turned out to be 50’s second verse from “Places To Go” off the 8 Mile soundtrack.

“Picture a perfect picture, picture me in the paper/Picture me starting sh*t, picture me busting my gat/Picture police man dey ain’t gotta picture of that/Picture me being broke, picture me smokin’ a sack/Picture me comin’ up, picture me rich from rap/Picture me blowin’ up, now picture me going back/To my momma basement to live, sh*t, picture that/Where I’m from its a fact, you gotta watch your back/You wear a vest without a gat, youse a target jack/Hastle hard, money stack, sell that dope, sell that crack/Sell that pack, sell that gat, sell that pussy, crew are back/50 Cent, too much spent? Man I’m bent, I’m outta here.”

Kind of hard to believe it’s been more than a decade since G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath had the game in the kind of chokehold that would’ve scared Katt Williams straight.

50 Cent took to the Gram to give himself a birthday shout out as well albeit it was of the sarcastic nature in which he invites everyone to cuss him out. New year same old 50.

Photo: screen shot

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