Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Proctor and newly hired second chair Terry Silver try to pacify everyone’s fears by instructing them how to act going forward. Tommy, agitated as always, wants Proctor to handle it while Ghost starts considering his options. Angela meets Ghost in prison and formally offers a plea deal to flip on Tommy in exchange for a reduced sentence if he confesses to killing Knox. Silver, unaware of the convoluted nature of Proctor and Jamie’s relationship, fails to understand why Proctor is dead set against any plea deals. Silver advises Proctor to convince Ghost to accept the plea deal, as there’s no foreseeable way to acquit him.

The Search For The Mole

While reviewing strategy in the case, Mak discovers the record of Knox’s collaboration with Bailey Markham, the private investigator who conducted the illegal wire tap where Tommy confesses to killing Lobos with Ghost. Knox worked with Markham off-record, but the prosecution can use his help to convict Ghost. Markham, fiercely loyal to Knox, won’t work with the DA’s office unless they exonerate Greg Knox from accusations that he was the mole. In fact, Markham wants Angela prosecuted as the mole instead. Saxe attempts to circumvent the process by asking judge Tapper “hypothetically” if that wiretap is admissible and was immediately denied.  Sandoval approaches Markham later that night to “admit” that Knox called him to discuss the evidence he found, and that he wants to work with Bailey to clear Greg’s name. Markham reluctantly agrees, but his suspicions are far from satisfied after we see him examining files on Sandoval.

Loyalty and Royalty Inside The DNA

Ghost tells Proctor that Greg accosted him during an illegal traffic stop the night of his murder, and he told Angela. That’s how Ghost’s DNA appeared under Knox’s fingernails. Proctor works to find video evidence of the stop, and concludes that the prosecution knowingly withheld this evidence because it would possibly exculpate Ghost of the crime. When questioned by the judge during the motion to dismiss hearing, Angela admits that she knew about the illegal traffic stop, and Mak admits to knowing but not admitting that as part of the exploratory portion of the case. The judge decrees that either the DNA gets thrown out of the case, or it’s admitted and Proctor can make the same presentation during trial. Mak loses another round, as he decides to have the DNA thrown out. Mak apologizes to Angela for not listening to her, and made her 3rd chair, putting her officially back on the case.


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