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It’s a tough week for Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson. After erroneously claiming War for the Planet of the Apes was personally slandering him, Whoopi Goldberg told him to get over himself on The View.

Goldberg did a quick recap of Deray saying Hollywood was personally clowning him—not to mention the roasting he was getting on Twitter over that ape in a blue vest. See, the blue vest is indeed kind of his trademark, and many on Twitter said a character rocking similar attire in the movie was a shot at Deray.

But actually, it’s an homage to the OG film, which also had a talking ape in a blue vest.

However, a couple of days ago Deray dropped a now deleted tweet seemingly before he became hip to this info.

Today (July 12) on The View, Goldberg let him have it—and told him to watch the original 1968 film.

“This has nothing to do with you. This is a movie that was about what happens when mankind doesn’t pay attention to environment, to how we treat animals and each other, that’s what that movie was about,” said Goldberg.

Then she added, “Get over yourself.”

Well damn. See for yourself below.

While Hollywood has a long history insensitive or downright racist depictions of Black people, that just isn’t the case in this specific example.

Of course, Twitter is reacting. As is Deray.

More on the flip.

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