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Usually speaking out of turn, scandal or a mix of both leads to rappers getting roasted on social media. This time, Wale innocently shared a loving Nigerian tradition for his daughter’s birthday and Black Twitter lost it.

In a recent Instagram post, the MMG artist, along with his girlfriend Chloe Alexis, celebrated their daughter’s birthday with a Nigerian tradition. Symbolizing future good fortune, both parents showered Zyla Moon with cash.

“My baby girl was Littt yesterday at her party this is her and big cousin Izzy goin ham to “fine girl”shout my the real first family @mrtonylewisjr n @simplyjess120 we love PS “Soso n Zy” are the life of the party ..#KemiTurns1Wale stated.

Unfortunately, many people took the cultural practice as unbecoming with some citing the child was being groomed for a future career in stripping. The backlash was so severe that family members chimed in explaining practice.

“Zyla moon is my niece, she’s a very special, intelligent, charismatic, and sweet one-year-old … her mother would never let her be subject to anything harmful or degrading in any way,” she said, while adding (again) it’s a cultural tradition” explained Zyla’s aunt.

Wale took to Twitter to defend the celebration stating “Some of y’all poppin’ off in the comments [need to] realize the world is bigger than ur home.”

The Internets stay undefeated but this might be their first clear loss.