Angela, Saxe and Sandoval are trying to save their careers after Mak tells them about the pending investigation. Sandoval, our true mole, makes a case for Donovan planting the murder weapon in Truth. Angela, unwavering in her devotion to clear her name, meets with Donovan to convince him that Ghost didn’t kill Knox and the true killer is still at-large. Donovan is hesitant to believe, but trusts Angela and gathers evidence for their review. While reviewing security footage in Truth, they discover Sandoval walking to the second floor moments before the cameras were shut down. Saxe shows up to clear his name and implicate Donovan in Knox’s murder as per Sandoval’s speculation, only to find Donovan in her apartment! Their collaboration, along with Sandoval on the hunt to kill Donovan, will make this an interesting race to end of the season.

Power Points

Tariq is single-handedly keeping Dre alive by covering for him when Tommy asked about Kanan. Dre also confirmed that Tariq’s family does sell drugs and kill people. Will Tariq feels closer to Dre to follow him?

Larenz Tate as a Queens councilman who wants the same advantages that Stern wants in real estate seems like an interesting side story. How will Ghost receive Councilman Tate and how much does Tate know about him?

The “Jiminez Brothers” are actually Brother and Sister! A cool twist, which should prove interesting. They are as brutal as advertised.

Ghost is keeping his eyes on Proctor. All signs lead to Mak pressuring Proctor to give up information on Bailey Markham. Did he REALLY destroy the tapes?

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