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The second most hated man in America (Cheeto Jesus obviously topping the list), Martin Shkreli continues to do the little things to help him ascend to supreme levels of doucheness.

Just hours after being found guilty on three counts of fraud and conspiracy and possibly facing 20 years in the bing, Skreli took to his Youtube channel to not only gloat about the possibility of getting little to no prison time, but also to play some cuts off the unreleased Wu-Tang Clan album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

For those living under a rock for the past few years, Shkreli’s abominable timeline includes some eyebrow raising antics such as raising the price for AIDS meds from $13.50 to $750; purchasing the lone copy of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for a cool $2 million; beefing with Ghostface Killah on social media; getting his hands on the long delayed Lil Wayne album, The Carter V; attempting to buy Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo album to keep all for himself; saying he was going to bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail (he didn’t); and now laughing about possibly going to jail. White privilege at it’s finest really.

Now in a recent post-trial interview in which he played some cuts off Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, Shkreli spoke about the purchase of the Wu-Tang album and his “contribution” to the culture saying “I donated $2 million to Wu-Tang… I got a mixtape in return. It was a wonderful investment. I view it as a donation. People might see that as splurging. I don’t think there are many people in the world who have patronized Hip-Hop to the extent I have.”

Talk about a God complex.

As far as how he got his hands on Lil Wayne’s unreleased project, D.C. reporter Alex tweeted that “Wayne sold his Bugatti and left the CD in there” and it just so happens that the new owner sold it to Shkreli.

Even though there was the threat if lawsuits floating around Shkreli said “I don’t believe Birdman can sue me. I don’t think Universal could sue me. It’s a legal sale.”

But that hasn’t stopped Lil Wayne himself from threatening to sue Martin if he played any more tracks from Tha Carter V.

Either way it should rub every Hip-Hopper the wrong way that such a rich douche holds in his hands two projects that the culture would very much appreciate more than this Donald Trump knockoff.

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