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Kreayshawn, if you remember, burst onto the scene in 2011 with her viral hit “Gucci Gucci” which sparked a major label deal with Columbia. Since her 2012 debut Somethin’ About Kreay, it’s been quiet for the Bay Area rapper and we’ve finally learned why after she revealed that she quit music because she benefitted to heavily because of her white privilege.

Kreayshawn’s delusional view of dominance in the Hip-Hop industry began via a Twitter rant in where the Oakland native clearly has a view of her own history the rest of us don’t share.

“Yes, I grew up broke and in the ghetto. No does not mean I understand the struggle of POC. Yes, I made rap music and profited off of what..I at the time understood as all I knew. Being broke and being a bad person but, I stepped off that because, I was too privileged,” the now-retired rapper wrote in a thread on Twitter.

She continued with, “So many gr8 and talented WOC who make music deserved that spot more then me. And to take that spot with my white ass self was a insult. I do not regret my past and I am still “ghetto” (which does not mean acting black because, that in it’s self is an insult to POC).”


Instead of us having to get Kreay out of the paint, she’s offered to take herself offline for a couple of days to, in her words, get a “labotomy.”

Just in case she’s really getting some manner of surgery, we wish her the best. Something about it all feels like a joke that we’re not in on, however.

Read some of the tweets below.