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Nintendo fans who are thirsty for a SNES Classic woke up this morning wishing they were a part of team #Nosleep. The rollout for Nintendo’s SNES Classic, the next installment in their retro system series, has been very suspect and it looks like they haven’t learned their lesson from when they dropped NES Classic.

Back in July, Walmart surprised gamers by taking pre-orders for the highly coveted system and within minutes it expectedly sold out.

Then out of nowhere, they yanked the rug from under those folks who successfully pre-ordered the system by canceling their orders. Gamers had a good reason to rage when the retail giant reached out to them telling them pre-orders should have never gone up in the first place and blamed it on a technical glitch.

After the initial snafu, Nintendo fans hit the reset button patiently waiting for their chance to get their hands on the system. Nintendo gave them hope when they hinted in a statement that SNES Classic “would be made available for pre-order by various retailers in late August.”

Nintendo faithful set up their alerts with retailers and went to bed thinking their time will eventually come. Their first legitimate chance came in the wee hours of the morning (Aug. 22) and unfortunately a lot of them slept through it like Princess Zelda.

Best Buy dropped their pre-order link at about 1 a.m. EST and Amazon followed suit around 4 a.m., and like its predecessor, it sold out immediately.

Some folks were very fortunate to get their hands on the iconic system that comes with 2 wired controllers and 21 classic games pre-installed.

BUT there were many who took a massive L trying to land an SNES Classic last night and rightfully so took their frustrations out on their timelines.

Cue Mario’s death music. According to GoNintendo, there is still hope though, gamers might get two extra lives one in the form of Walmart who are reportedly taking pre-orders at 1 p.m. EST today. Target is also rumored to be dropping a pre-order link at some point today for the $79.99 system.

So we wish you all good luck in your SNES Classic hunt, for more social media frenzy for the SNES Classic hit the following pages.

Photo: Nintendo

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