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As the biggest boxing fight of the year approaches Floyd Mayweather seems to be unfazed by the antics of Conor MgGregor. The champ recently sat down for an interview with Snoop Dogg on the GGN Network to discuss this and much more.

Noticeably more comfortable in this twenty two minute plus sit down, The Money Team CEO opened up on the true reason he came out of retirement to fight Conor. “It’s something different. In the fight game they couldn’t find a fighter that could beat me you know standing up. They had to go to a whole another planet to a world that I have been dominating for over 20 years” he explained.

Floyd also recognized some advantages McGregor has on him saying “on paper he’s taller, has a longer reach and youth. He’s in his 20’s and I am in my 40’s. He’s a very tough competitor.”

With Snoop driving the questions the conversation hit a myriad of topics including Mayweather’s favorite cereal, if he could have a superpower what would it be, why he decided to open up a strip club and will he consider hitting the weed post retirement.

You can watch the entire interview below.

Needless to say we have our money on the champ.

Photo: Youtube screen cap