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Kanye West burst onto the scene by way of his production magic although he’s since emerged as a headlining rapper and complete artist. A video profile examines and compares West’s legacy and that of the late Detroit producer J Dilla, aligning how their styles are cut from similar cloths underneath the surface.

The profile comes by way of Noisy Images and takes viewers deep within the innovative core of what Hip-Hop represents by way of West’s last studio recording, The Life Of Pablo. The narrator holds up the album’s biggest track, “Father Stretch My Hands Part 1” and its “Part 2” section, delving into how West’s approach to the song comes from the handbook of J Dilla and his masterful instrumental album, Donuts. The profile also uses portions of a previously unreleased 2013 interview where West gushes over Dilla and other fallen musical legends.

While both projects are sonically distant in some ways from each other, the narrator takes careful measures to note how one could approach The Life of Pablo and Donuts the same way. The narrator contends that the albums are rooted in the spirit of sampling as it relates to the genre they were released under. There is also a notable portion of the video where West speaks of Dilla’s influence on him and his desire to make music the MPC master would enjoy himself.

Watch Noisy Images’ 7-minute clip comparing the production legacies of Kanye West and the late J Dilla below.