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Yonkers don’t got love for Christopher Columbus. According to NBCNewYork a bronze-colored statue of the 15th century Italian explorer/colonizer (editor’s note: sailor, who got lost) was found beheaded yesterday (August 30) in Westchester Park by Yonkers native Pat Gambardella while he drove to work.

“It’s very disappointing that American values have sunken to the level that they are today,” Gambardella said during an interview.

Columbus’s face was laid out at the pedestal’s base while the back of his head was later found next to a plastic bag in Columbus Memorial Park. Kind of considerate if you really think about it, but whatever.

Police at this point believe it’s nothing more than kids engaging in criminal mischief while others believe this is the result of the ongoing debate on whether or not Confederate monuments have a place in today’s society.

While Christopher Columbus died long before the Civil War and never owned a Black person, he does have a history of abusing and enslaving Native Americans—many of whom died on their way back to  Europe. So yeah, there was that.

This shouldn’t come as a real surprise as racial tensions across the US continue to rise thanks to the current Comrade-N-Chief sympathizing with well-known racist figures and parties and passing all kinds of orders that hurts minorities.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring but so long as Trump is in office you can expect the country to continue to grow divided.

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