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The recently canceled George Foreman, a legendary boxer by all accounts, might be feeling the effects of his sport after he weighed in on the recent Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor bout which ended in the Money Team boss’ favor. Foreman stated that the referee in the match protected Mayweather in the later rounds, adding that critics of the match should apologize as it was far more entertaining than expected. reports:

Appearing on the Obviously Fight Talk podcast, Foreman insisted that it would be hard to top the polarizing contest before the year is out.

“Well, for the first time, I think all of the media should apologize for all the negative things they were saying about the fight,” Foreman told hosts Noel O’Keefe and Robert Pallin.


Foreman also thought that McGregor had Mayweather significantly hurt at one point in the fight, but referee Richard Byrd stopped the UFC champion’s onslaught. However, the boxing great was quick to point out that such incidents are common in boxing.

“The referee protected Mayweather in one of the last rounds. (Conor) hurt him,” recalled Foreman.

“He had him hurt, and was going for the finish, and the referee stepped in for no reason at all and stopped it. It was a vicious body punch. Conor had him with a good body shot and the referee saved him, but that’s typical of a boxing match.”

We’re not boxing analysts here but it appeared beyond obvious that Mayweather waited for McGregor to gas out, something he famously has done in a loss against MMA rival Nate Diaz, and went in for the kill. From our side, Mayweather definitely let McGregor get some early rounds due to assumed inactivity, but he put the pepper on the loud-talking Irishman in the end.

No disrespect to McGregor, because he’s definitely a beast in the octagon but most folks with betting money knew where to place their coins.