The divorce case between Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs has taken an even uglier turn, this after attorneys for the legendary R&B singer are suggesting that her former manager is pulling a financial swindle. In an exclusive report from Bossip, Blige’s legal team states that Isaacs is hiding his earnings in what appears to be a possible bid to squeeze more spousal support money.

Bossip reports:

Through her attorneys, Blige also accused Isaacs of hiding money from her in a bid to look as poor as possible. In court papers obtained by BOSSIP, Isaacs said he has just $3,142 in cash on hand, but his living expenses are closer to $60,000 a month. He said his monthly bills were for basic living expenses, caring for his children, his elderly parents and moving costs.

But Blige’s lawyers said in court papers that from December 2017 to March 2017, Isaacs spent some $82,000 on travel to Australia, Laguna Beach, Ca., and Mexico – among other places – went on shopping sprees at Chanel and Ermenegildo Zegna, spent $4,458 at Mercedes Benz of Beverly Hills and at least $17,500 to his alleged girlfriend’s company, “Birthday Girl.” The singer said through her lawyers that Isaacs failed to account for any of those charges in his financial paperwork.

Playing hardball, Blige’s attorney filed a subpoena to obtain access to all of Isaacs records, finding accounts that were not attached officially to his name. Isaacs and his team have since countered, asking for the findings to be thrown out of court.

Don’t expect this to get any prettier.


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