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Jemele Hill called Donald Trump a White Supremacist on Twitter, which led to a suspect reprimand from her bosses at ESPN. On Wednesday (Sept. 13), White House press flunkie Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the renowned sports analyst should be fired for, ya know, sharing her factually based opinion. 

Before we get to it, let’s mention that Donald Trump still thinks the Central Park 5, who are Black men, are guilty of raping a white woman despite DNA evidence exonerating them. Trump was sued by the feds, twice, for housing discrimination after investigators found he refused to rent apartments to African-Americans. Most recently, he initially failed to admonish Neo-Nazis after their violent protest in Charlottesville, noting that people on “both sides” were at fault.

So when Hill went on a Twitter rant where she called Trump a white supremacist, she had plenty of receipts.

Yet and still, Huckabee said calling Trump a white supremacist is “outrageous.” Would White Supremacist-friendly been a more palatable description for the White House squatters?

Now, ESPN finds itself on shaky ground. Besides disrespect Carmelo Anthony, they are showing disregard for their numerous viewers of color who are anything but Team Donald Trump. Considering there are plenty of people boycotting the NFL due to Colin Kaepernick’s continued unemployment, the masses have had enough of the “subtle racism” jig.

So far, the NABJ has shown more backbone than ESPN.

Hill has issued a statement that shows no signs of shoe shuffling.

Right now, Black Twitter is on full “Protest Jemele Hill At All Costs” mode, as it should be. Check out the most fiery tweets in regards to the White House coming for Jemele Hill below.

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