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James Comey was the featured speaker for Howard University‘s convocation address on Friday, and the former FBI director was met with a chilly welcome. Protesters at the event interrupted Comey’s speech, chanting in unison while raising the Black Power salute.

CNN reports:

As Comey, making a rare public appearance since leaving the FBI, began his speech welcoming new students at Howard University, protesters could be heard yelling from the back of the room, raising their fists and shouting. Some of the slogans included “No justice, no peace, “We shall not be moved” and “white supremacy is not a debate.”

Standing before a packed auditorium, Comey stood silently for over 15 minutes as the students yelled, “I love bei black” and “Get out James Comey — you’re not our homey.”

“I love the enthusiasm of young folks, but I wish they understood what a conversation is,” Comey said as the students continued to chant, sing and clap throughout his entire prepared remarks. He said that he had received a number of invitations to speak over the place several months, but “chose to come here.”

It was announced last month that Comey would be leading a lecture series at the famed HBCU which has been met with loud criticism from several student groups on campus and abroad.

Watch the James Comey speech courtesy of PBS NewsHour below.

Photo: screen cap/PBS Newshour/YouTube