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Sneaker culture has just been put on notice. Thanks to the Balenciaga Triple S you no longer have to have good taste in footwear to win.

Featuring a truly polarizing silhouette that mirrors a hiking shoe intended for the elderly, the Triple S is the start of a new chunky sneaker trend. Carrying a price tag of $720.00, the shoe has gained popularity with sneakerheads and fashionistas alike.

In a bigger plot twist High Snobiety polled some of the lucky, or as we call them unlucky, new owners of the Balenciaga release and some of the explanations were laughable even for hypebeasts.

Here are some of the top responses when asked what they like most about the shoe:

@Aripetrou: I think my favourite part about the shoe has to be the distressing. They put the shoe in the washing machine with stones to add the aged distressed feeling to the leather and the materials, which gives the shoe such character. The way they managed to put three soles onto the shoe makes them so much different from anything we’ve seen in the high end fashion world.

@Gallucks: I love the attention to detail on the sole, all the different layers. I actually love how ugly they are haha.

Also some interesting logic on why the Triple S was a must-cop:

@91yxng: This is the most trendy sneaker, and the hottest brand in the world right now.

@Aripetrou: This was a must cop for me because well… I’m the UK’s biggest hypebeast right? So I just had to! No but seriously, I had get these, as I knew they were just going to sell out instantly, and anything that sells out instantly I need to have for the hype, plus I love showing my followers how to style and wear hyped pieces that many can’t get a hold of, thats just what I do!

Sigh. You can read more of the caping for the style-challenged Balenciaga’s here.

Via High Snobiety

Photo: Balenciaga