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Police in Brooklyn, New York have arrested a woman after they found her 4-year-old little girl tied to a bed in the woman’s apartment.

According to published reports, police arrested Carlotta Pierce after responding to a 911 call to the apartment.

Police reports indicate that in the “filthy” apartment, they found the woman’s malnourished 4-year-old daughter on a bed that had two lengths of twine were attached to the rails at each end.

Marchella Pierce weighed just 15 pounds and had bruises and marks on her ankles that suggested they might have been tied with twine.

Although the case seems open and shut, the child’s father states that it is a case of rushed judgment.

“My wife is a wonderful mother. I’ve never seen her hurt her kids,” Marchella’s father, Tyrone Pierce told the New York Daily News. “It’s hard for me to believe she would do anything like that.”

According to the child’s father, who is separated from her mother and states he knew nothing about her being bound, Marchella has been severely ill since being born prematurely, weighing little more than a pound with her lungs underdeveloped.

According to Mr. Pierce, Marchella was in hospitals from birth until this past February, when doctors gave her a tracheotomy, making a hole in her neck so she could breathe with a tube.

“She was beautiful, smart and very playful,” Pierce continued.

Although Mr. Peirce states his wife was a great mother, police are questioning why it took Carlotta more than 90 minutes to call an ambulance after she found her daughter unresponsive.

Police state that at the time of the time of the incident, Carlotta stated that she checked on her daughter about 4 a.m., and she was fine.  After returning to check on her at 6 a.m., she found her daughter unresponsive and did not call 911 until 7:30 a.m. because she was performing CPR and trying to revive the child.

Tyrone Pierce states that it is not far fetched after the couple had to learn CPR before Marchella came home.

Currently the Administration for Children’s Services are investigating the issue for the third time. Sources state that ACS has investigated the family twice prior to the incident and had hired an outside agency to help the family as they struggled to care for Marchella, but the organization dropped the ball.

The first case involved allegations Mrs. Pierce had marijuana in her system when Marchella was born.