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Azealia Banks‘ blood type must be sodium. The rapper known for sabotaging her own career is still out here trying to slander Cardi B. 

First, Banks threw out a headass theory that included taking Black men to task for supporting light skin Cardi. Okay.

Then, Cardi pulled out the receipts, posting a video of Banks reciting “Bodak Yellow” word for word in the club.

And now, Banks is back to her salty antics—this time claiming she has found the “Bodak Yellow” ghostwriter and accusing Cardi B of sleeping around for guest verses.

“We know the n*gga from Harlem who wrote the song,” said Banks. “The n*gga’s name is Poe. He’s friends with your boyfriend from jail and you f*cked. They all call you a smut and say your ass is purple. I’m gonna get that n*gga to write for me, too. Kudos dunce.”

Here’s the thing, Banks has gone so low (peep the full spiel above) her antics are akin to your run of the mill Internet troll. So the fact that she is also the owner of a sputtering rap career, by her own doing, makes her struggle exponentially petty.

Know how she could really get at Cardi B—not that the Bronx rapper she truly cares—make a bigger hit than “Bodak Yellow.”

We’ll wait.

h/t HipHopDX