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Not to be left out of the retro mini craze, Retro Games Limited announced today they are launching their own plug and play retro system the C64 Mini.

The C64 Mini looks to introduce the classic gaming system to a new generation and get a piece of the retro gaming pie Nintendo clearly owns. The Commodore 64 launched back in 1982 as a home computer but was mostly used for gaming. 35 years later the system rises from the ashes.

C64 Mini

The C64 Mini is 50% smaller than the original system and comes fully-loaded with 64 games.

Not bad.

The system will connect to your television through HDMI, so those who remember playing games on the original, the squinting struggle (and RF connector) is over. It also comes with one wired one controller that will plug into one of the systems two USB ports.

C64 Mini specs

C64 Mini HDMI and USB ports

The USB ports can also be used to update the system’s firmware as well.  The keyboard itself does not work but if you want you can plug in a functional keyboard. The system is still a functional computer and will run Basic and allow users to write and save your own programs and games.

That’s dope!

How much will it cost though? Not much at all at $70.00 when it launches in early in 2018 and with all that you get that’s an amazing price point. To keep up with all the info on the C64 Mini visit their official website.

With Christmas quickly approaching, this is the perfect gift for the gamer in your life.

Photo: Retro Games Limited