Mullage, the duo responsible for Atlanta’s summer anthem “Trick’n” is hoping to transgress their home town appeal to national notoriety. Described by L.A. Reid as a mix of Outkast and The Dream, the masterfully blended mix of hard-body Southside Atlanta representative B-Boi and his smoother than silk Southside counterpart, B-Town, they’re bringing to the scene a collage of R&B and Hip-Hop, a “mullage” if you will, from which they took their name sake. The duo told HipHopWired exclusively:

“We took the first two letters from the word music and we brought it back to our lifestyles. We know the different genres of music and put it together in a sense. It’s the story of the different lifestyles we lead that all brought us to the place in which we are now. A little complex but we made it work.”

Both B-Town and B-Boi took to the seas and enlisted in the Navy before one another and discovering their immense talent together. From there they went on to record their hit song “Trick’n,” writing, producing and recording the track in less than an hour. While the song in its entirety is no doubt catchy, it’s the song’s hook that’s especially memorable, sampling the infamous line used by T.I. and T Pain alike that says: “You know it ain’t trickin’ if you got it…what you asking for.” Determined to clear up the confusion behind the song’s meaning, Mullage broke it down for HipHopWired in their own personal way, with B-Town explaining that it’s about catering to a woman and B-Boi digressing that it’s the complete opposite.

B-Town: To me with trickin’, I take it as if you deserve it, I have no problems doing it. I think some people take it outta context and think of it like you’re just throwing money around everywhere. I look it at it like you’re catering to your better half so there’s nothing wrong with that but only if you deserve it. So that’s trickn’ if you got it.

B-Boi: Trickn’ to me is basically a good time man. Most of the time you trick when you’re caught up in the moment, you’re in the club and you’re a couple drinks up and you  got the fellas around…you’re putting on for ya city and you know you might feel like throwing a couple hundreds…or two or three.

Trickn’ is not the only things fans can expect from the group. B-Town explained that the pair plan to release a mixtape titled Elevators documenting the up and down perils of their lives.

“Elevators came from the transition into the lifestyle we lead now. We went from a military background, not saying you’re at the bottom of the barrel when you choose that career path but it’s just totally different. Us coming from the United States Navy, it’s about hard work, details….it’s just a transition and all the struggles we went through with life period.”

Transitioning from a position with the Nation’s armed forces to a position in Hip-Hop’s lineup will prove to be no easy task but Mullage remains confident that this will not be the last their fans hear from. Taking influence from the likes of the Temptations, The Jackson Five, Andre 3000, and the Dungeon Family, the duo is set to put their stamp on Hip-Hop, taking fans on a whirlwind ride into their world, where Hip-Hop and R&B meet, mingle, and flow seamlessly together.  Expect their album in the 3rd of 4th quarter of this year on Jive Records.

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