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By now the whole Hip-Hop world has gotten familiar with Eminem’s scolding takedown of the Conman-In-Chief Donald Trump. So much so that news outlets have been reporting on the ether that Marshall Mathers doused on the dolt currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Yesterday (Oct. 11), MSNBC news host of The Beat and Hip-Hop enthusiast Ari Melber broke down Em’s most vicious bars and creative metaphors and invited Talib Kweli and Fat Joe to his show to speak on their reactions to Em’s BET Cypher Freestyle.

“Eminem is using his power, his super power that’s rap, to impact the culture – really add his voice as a part of the resistance,” Talib Kweli explained.

Fat Joe meanwhile felt the impression that Em left with his words stating, “I’m telling you that I’ve never seen a freestyle on my timeline in social media like this ever in my life. So that’s how impactful it was with Black and Latino people.”

Whether or not Donald Trump will respond to Eminem is anyone’s guess but if he doesn’t, well, we all know why.

Check out the interview in its entirety below and don’t forget to begin writing up that Hood Pass for Ari Melber.

Photo: MSNBC