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Say it ain’t so, Steel?! Actor Jermaine Hopkins of Juice and Lean On Me fame was recently popped for possession of 5.7 pounds of weed. 

Hopkins famously portrayed Eric “Steel” Thurman in Juice and Thomas Sams in Lean On Me.

According to TMZ, he got pulled over in Apex, NC for speeding last week. After getting stopped, the cops searched his whip and found 5.7 pounds of marijuana in the trunk.

Hopkins got blessed with a speeding ticket for doing 70 in a 55, got arrested and was released on $3000 bond.

Yes, this is the same Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins who copped 200 pounds of weed from cops in 2011 in Arizona. Somehow, he skated off with just 30 days in the bing and three years probation.

C’mon son, there are all types of roles for Black actors out here these days.



Photo: Apex County Sheriff’s Office/TMZ