Edwina Wehjla will have a lot of people putting down the snacks and hitting the gym after flipping through her Instagram page. The curvy, ultra-fit medical school student wants everyone to know that are checking the stats that yes, the powerful cakes you see on the ‘Gram are very much official tissue.

Not much is known about Wehjla except that’s she’s a twenty-something fitness enthusiast that loves to show off her sculpted frame. Apparently, the haters have been circling the block questioning the authenticity of the cakes, with her posting a couple of times that women in her home country of Liberia are physically built this way. She’s also known for posting positive quotes about the feminine form, which brings balance to the thirst.

Whether it’s nature, nurture, or otherwise, anyone looking at Wehjla’s body looking for a complaint have absolutely no joy in their heart, obviously.

Check out our latest “Baes & Baddies” entry, the super-stacked, officially rumptasticΒ Edwina Wehjla below and on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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