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Ne-Yo Says He Was Misquoted Regarding Statements About T.I. & Tiny’s Arrest

R&B singer Ne-Yo says he was quoted about his remarks about T.I. and Tiny’s arrest in Los Angeles this week for possession of a controlled substance.

The Associated Press had reported Ne-Yo as saying,

“T.I. has had many chances — and it’s time he gets his act together.  A lot of the decisions he makes comes because of the people that he has around him and that nine times out of 10 when he gets in trouble, it’s not him, it’s the people that he’s with.”

Ne-Yo hit up Twitter to clarify his statements and to let the world know he has no problems with The  King Of The South. He Tweeted,

“Ok folks. I ain’t even see what they’re claiming I said, but in the everybody’s so mad, I’m sure they misquoted me……,”

“…So from the horses mouth, HERE’S what I said about the T.I. situation.I said that T.I. is one of the smartest people in the game, but…”

“….Sometimes the people surrounding you, get you in more trouble than you yourself do. I ain’t down talk nobody, I spoke my opinion…”

“…because I was asked it. Half of y’all speak your opinion whether somebody asks you or not! I got no beef wit T.I. or his team….”

“…That ain’t my Shyte to beef with people over nothing. If T.I. or any of his people wanna sit down like men and discuss it, I’m down….”

“…Much luv to the people that support T.I. Shyte I’M A SUPPORTER of T.I., so I understand your anger……”

“…But from now on, if you wanna know if I said something, the internet ain’t the proper source. Hit me up on here and ask before you assume.”

“I got nothin’ to hide, and you already see that I’ll answer whatever. No drama or beef on my end. Nuff said.”

Whether Ne-Yo made those comments or not, sometimes it’s not the people you have around you to blame but you have to point the finger at yourself.  That was just a DUMB A#S MOVE.

In related news, Ne-Yo will be dropping his new album Libra Scale on October 19th.  Peep the album cover and track listing on Page 2.

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