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Donald Trump loves saying or tweeting “fake news,” but his favorite news channel just got put on blast for being just that. A Navy SEAL recently profiled on the alt-right’s favorite network turns out to have lied about his service. 

The faux-SEAL was an artist who wanted to give a glass seal to the Liar In Chief. Turns out the guy was lying about all those shiny medals he was flaunting.

Reports the Washington Post:

Fox News ran a story on Oct. 8 about a decorated Vietnam War Navy SEAL and glass artist who created an enormous presidential glass seal he hoped to give to President Trump. On Thursday, 11 days later, the network retracted the story after being told the Trump supporter never served in the SEALs or in Vietnam, much less earned commendations for his service.

In the segment, John Garofalo, 72, a resident of New York state, said he served in the Vietnam War with a U.S. Navy SEAL team. Fox News reported that he also received two Purple Hearts and about two dozen other medals for his service.

The man’s claimed record turned out to be a fabrication. It was first discovered by former Navy SEALs. Both these SEALs and family members of Garofalo contacted Fox News about the story, according to the Navy Times.

To be clear, this means no one at Fox News bothered to fact check this story. Actual Navy SEALs did their job for them.

Don’t hold your breath if you think the Moron In Chief will ever mention this fail. It also makes you wonder what else FOX News is getting totally wrong, or at the least misconstruing on purpose.

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