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Chance The Rapper may be one of the more soft-spoken and humble artists in Hip-Hop but that doesn’t mean he’ll keep his mouth shut if you come for him.

During a segment for Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden raised a few eyebrows when he stated that Chance’s new single “First World Problems” was “too positive” and then referred to it as “Apollo rap.”

No one really expected Chance to go on a wild rant or drop a diss track but he did address it in a recent interview on Robyn Neal TV and basically brushed the critique off his shoulder saying “You don’t always have to have songs that everyone likes or always make music that the contemporary best or to fit in whats around.”

The issue put to rest, right? Wrong.

At a recent live performance at the Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix, Arizona, the Chicago artist threw a dart at New Jersey’s Jumpoff Joey in a freestyle when he said, “I might fire Joe Budden.”

While it’s not the most threatening bar in the world it does show that Joey rubbed Chance the wrong way with his “First World Problems” assessment.

Now we wait to see how or even if Joe Budden responds. He will. We just hope it’s not a diss track because that’s just not necessary at all.