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No one reality show has a penchant for mixing with the melodramatic with the ratchet quite like Black Ink Crew Chicago and last night’s episode was more of the same. From Don and Ashley’s high-risk pregnancy concerns to Charmaine’s hare-brained scheme to bring the whole squad on what was supposed to be a romantic trip to Cabo with her man, the 9 Mag crew is all over the place this season.

After the last few episodes focusing on Cobra and her battles with depression, it was nice to see her new boo be a light in her life. Seemed like they were falling in love; lustful, kinky love but strong emotions all the same. Last night we found out that her ‘girl’ actually may not be that into her after all. On a random trip to the strip club, the guys of 9 Mag spotted Velvet, who played her part as dancer at work, flirting heavily and even asking Phor to whip it out. They weren’t sure if she was working them for ones or not, until they asked about her relationship with Cobra. ‘If she wants to eat my p—y, no problem… We’re just friends. I like d–k too much.’ Scandalous. But also, here’s a woman who unzipped her dress in an occupied bar, so there’s that. They all agree to keep the truth from Cobra to avoid breaking her heart.

Katrina wants to move back to Chicago after her studio rent doubles in LA and truthfully, she ought to return home. Los Angeles doesn’t seem to fit her at all; from the nightlife to the culture in general. That move may come sooner than later. Or, as she told her BFF, they could meet in the middle, which Kat believes to be Connecticut.

Charmaine’s man had been complaining that he was feeling neglected by his new girlfriend. But the majority of us are glad to see Charmaine get her mind right, after all, life can’t always be about twerking for strangers in a tattoo shop. It’s not 100% out of her system though. As she said on last night’s ep, “I take every opportunity to be thotty.” Okay girl. She managed to get her job back at GCI and with that, she’s maintaining her position at 9 Mag and scooped up her very own boyfriend. No more trysts with other women’s men. Not enough hours in the day though, we get it, but you don’t invite your coworkers on a trip your boyfriend is footing the bill for. Who does that?

So the Cabo trip is looking like a go for all the couples in the crew even Charmaine’s man, Neak beefs for half a second. Van’s P.O. tells him that he’s not allowed to go and he ends up taking his frustrations out on his girl Jennifer who went toe to toe with him at the shop on the day of their big Urban Ink shoot. Out of everyone, she’s the least scared of Van’s bark or his bite. He left the shoot in a huff and came back a while after, because that’s what this cast does: put on a huge dramatic production and then change their minds. The poor photographer that was there to shoot, had to wait on tempers to be in check.

Next week, the team heads to Cabo and we’ll see what shenanigans they have in store next.