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A man decided to have a little fun on Halloween and dressed as a member of the well-known Black Greek Letter Organization, Omega Psi Phi. The image, which has begun to spread on social media networks, sparked a war of words between Black and BGLO Twitter that got petty real quick.

The battle began when the Instagram image surface and a Twitter user posted the comments, circling one reply saying the man would “get in trouble” for rocking the fits. When the man countered with the point it was just a costume, the responses turned up and then spilled over to the Black Twitter side of things.

On the low, the Black Greeks have a point that they’ve earned the right to wear those letters and there is a long history that goes along with it. On the flip side, some BGLO folks can be overbearing with their Greek pride and that has made the grounds ripe for slander on Twitter. We’ve collected some of the best responses below and on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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