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The iPhone X is here and of course Apple enthusiasts are excited to get their hands on the new smartphone. Like clockwork, Apple’s rival Samsung took shots at them and their customers in their latest Samsung Galaxy ad and it’s pretty hilarious.

Apple is without a doubt winning the popularity aspect of the smartphone war but Samsung has quietly won some battles with the shade they delivered. Apple’s most advanced iPhone ever maybe have taken the company to new heights but keep in mind it utilizes a lot of technology Samsung has already used.

Samsung Galaxy AD


Well to remind folks of that, they dropped a new Samsung Galaxy spot that is one minute of pure trolling that will even have iPhone X owners like, Damn they got us. In the trolltastic ad, Samsung points out all of the advancements they made with their phones like wireless charging, large screens, and excellent camera. All things Apple has been very tardy in adding to their phones until now. Step into Samsung’s 1-minute shade fest below:


Oh, and to make matters, even more, worse we learned earlier the iPhone X also needs parts that only Samsung makes. Twitter, of course, enjoyed the shade and chimed in on it immediately, specifically the haircut of one enthusiastic future iPhone X owner waiting on the line in the commercial.

Throw both of these companies in rice please, it is getting serious.

Whether you care for Samsung or not you have to admit this commercial was nothing short of pure genius. If it has successfully convinced you to purchase a Galaxy Note head over to Samsung. If your still down with team iPhone head over to Apple and try your luck.

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