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Hoes shouldn’t be saved and E-40’s intellectual property should not be infringed upon. The Bay Area legend is suing an author for jacking his classic song “Captain Save A Hoe.”

TMZ reports that 40 Water filed a lawsuit against writer Erika Kane over her recent book Captain Save A Hoe which boasts the same title to his 1993 hit. According to the legal documents the “Choices (Yup)” rapper claims he owns the rights to the term Captain Save A Hoe and the character that was born out of the song.

According to the summary the story is about Georgie Porgie “a young man with big dreams from the City of Brotherly Love who escapes Philly following a potential prison sentence to live in New York City and pursue his dreams of being a famous hairdresser. And fame finds him, flaws and all.

Georgie becomes the best of the best, hairstyling everyone from his transgender uncle to A-list Hollywood stars. But all isn’t right in the world of Georgie. Money and drugs become his obsession, punctuated by his unending love of women and wanting to save them from themselves. There is one in particular, a prostitute named Anya, for whom he searches his entire life. But who can save Georgie? In this novel, we learn how far love can take you — through insanity, intoxication, and intense intimacy.”

Fonzarelli is asking the courts to stop sale of the book and hand over any monies profited since its’ October 31 release. You can peep the original below.


Photo: iiKane / Buck 50 Productions