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Donald Trump is back stateside after his now infamous Asia trip and is already acting a fool on Twitter. The Russia co-signed POTUS took to Twitter to demand an apology from LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA basketball teammates for getting them out of trouble. 

The players recently returned to Los Angeles after being arrested for shoplifting sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in China.

Of course, Trump thinks they got off easy because of himself and himself only.

Cheeto allegedly asked China’s Prime Minister to cut the kids some slack. But actually, we’ll give more credit to Alibaba founder Jack Ma, someone with real clout, for making that happen.

Reports TMZ:

Our UCLA sources tell us, the University has deep ties with China for various reasons, and school officials are using their influence to try and secure the release of the 3 players. As for the nature of the influence … UCLA is a prize school for Chinese students, many doctors have won research projects at the various UCLA medical facilities and UCLA sports has become popular in China.

We’re also told Jack Ma — a Chinese citizen worth an estimated $40 billion — is also working to help free the 3 players. FYI, the team visited Alibaba headquarters Monday … the day before the arrests.

Our UCLA sources also say there is no question the players pilfered the sunglasses so there’s no attempt to prove them not guilty … they are trying to use their considerable influence to ask for mercy.  As once source put it, “UCLA and Ma are pulling out all the political stops to resolve this.”

So yeah, we’re sure Gelo and his boys will be writing thank you letters to Jack Ma and UCLA’s political connects. As for Trump, they actually did thank Agent Orange.

Being POTUS is a thankless job, act like it.

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