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The Black Ink Crew Chicago fam is finally back from their trip to Mexico and as a super sweet gesture, the first thing they do is throw Van a Cabo-themed party since his parole restrictions kept him from going. All the mess with Katrina, Ryan and Rachel aside, everyone came back to Chicago in good spirits, but you know these folks…the foolishness never takes too long to pop off.

Phor has not heeded the advice of anyone with sense and and he’s proceeded to have his girlfriend Nikki move in. “I’m a little nervous,” he says.

“You should be,” Van responds. At this point we’re throwing our hands up. Phor had better not complain about Nikki’s fits of jealousy and insecurity, ever.

Ryan tells his mommy and daddy about his transgressions and we’re fairly certain that he’s lying to them too. He tells his parents that all that happened was one kiss with Katrina. He had no intention leaving Rachel and Kat knew that. Okay Ryan. “It was just a kiss!,” his father says, incredulously. Ryan’s already caught up in having done what was inappropriate with Kat and as he claims to be telling the truth, he’s still lying. Not a standup guy.


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