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Good news Minecraft fans, your favorite sandbox game is taking you underwater to explore and build thanks to the new ‘Update Aquatic’.

The update was announced at Minecon by Minecraft’s lead designer, Jens Bergenstein on a talk show segment hosted by Will Arnett. If you are a veteran of the popular game series you know that the waters in the game are for the most part lifeless. Unless you are building a base underwater or participating in a raid you had no reason to even test the waters in the game.


The ‘Update Aquatic’ will change all of that when it is released Spring 2018. The New update will introduce dolphins, shipwrecks and coral reefs to the Minecraft world.

The update splits Minecraft’s oceans into biomes that will each have different kinds of fish, coral, and kelp depending on the temperature of the ocean. Shipwrecks and Icebergs hide treasures and those dolphins we mentioned will guide you and help you find that treasure. Now you’re gonna need a weapon to protect yourself while exploring the ocean and that’s where your trusty new trident comes into play.

The Trident will be your main tool for fending off enemies that will come your way while exploring shipwrecks. You will be allowed to use the weapon in a number ways. You can use it as a melee weapon or use it to impale foes, you can even enchant the Trident so that it returns to you when you throw it.

Another huge addition to the game is bubble columns which will liven up the underwater environments. New underwater physics will make sure that objects interact correctly with other objects like fences and slab posts.

Official statement:

Minecraft’s oceans are going to get their biggest update ever! The Update Aquatic pours a ton of new features into the game, including coral, kelp, more types of fish, dolphins, explorable shipwrecks, new water physics and more! A newly revamped ocean will require a new weapon for you to defend yourself, so the Update Aquatic will also introduce the trident. Not only can this weapon be thrown at enemies and used in close-combat, it can also be enchanted for ace tactical advantages. The Loyalty enchantment will make it come back to you even after you’ve thrown it, while enchantments like Impaler and Slipstream Dash will… well, we’ll let you use your imagination! The Update Aquatic will come to Minecraft in a future update.

Prepare to explore the oceans in Spring 2018, head to Minecraft’s official site for more news and updates.

Photo: Minecraft/Screenshot