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Weirdo rapper XXXTentacion claims his ex won’t testify against him in his domestic violence case. However, prosecutors think he’s trying to pull the jig. 

Reports TMZ:

The rapper and his attorneys submitted a document on Friday they say was signed by his ex — the woman he allegedly beat while she was pregnant. According to the doc, obtained by TMZ, she’s now refusing to cooperate with prosecutors and wants the case to go away.

It wouldn’t guarantee XXX is off the hook, but it would make it more difficult to convict him.

However, Miami-Dade prosecutors are calling BS, telling the judge they doubt the ex-girlfriend really signed the doc. They also say, even IF she did, it doesn’t stop them from going forward with prosecution.

That said, the DA is moving forward with the case.

And that’s about all the time we want to spend on this guy.

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