Fox News went back into their coon pool and dragged out yet another contributor to chime in on behalf of other shoe-shuffling cowards and take shots at Colin Kaepernick. Kevin Jackson stated on the network’s Fox & Friends show that the free agent quarterback is funding terrorist Black organizations.

Jackson was apparently fired up over Kaepernick’s recent honors regarding his activism, including GQ‘s Citizen of the Year honor and SI‘s Muhammad Ali Legacy award. Without really making much sense of his mealy-mouthed argument, Jackson launched into a series of disconnected thoughts that somehow equated Kap’s efforts to that of supporting terrorism and anti-American values.

Below is a portion of the transcribed show from last week via Media Matters:

Colin Kaepernick gives money to terrorists. So look at the people he has donated money to, these are radicals in many cases. Very anti-American, ethno-centrically racist black organizations. And again, built on a lie. It would be different if we could really get behind this and feel like it was done in the spirit of the guy getting a raw deal. Muhammed Ali got a raw deal. Colin Kaepernick did not get a raw deal. And the sad part also is Colin Kaepernick is an example of how great America is, a kid whose black father walked away from him, whose Italian mother put him up for adoption, and a white family adopts him, and he is completely anti-white, pro-black this.

Normally, we’d try to inject some context but just know that Jackson and the other push broom yessuh boss Blacks Fox has in their employ aren’t the types of people you can make reasonable with even the best efforts.

Photo: screen cap

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