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Tomi Lahren could have just spent Thanksgiving like the rest of the country that she loves so much and just ate her bird and starches in peace, but that’s not what the conservative pundit is best known for. On Thursday (Nov. 23), Lahren posted a photo of a kneeling Colin Kaepernick mocking his GQ “Citizen of the Year” award by doctoring the image with the backdrop of the D-Day Battle of Normandy.

As seen in the image above, Lahren captioned the photo with “Citizen of the Year” with images of the soldiers engaging in the famous World War II battle. Lahren has been one of Kaepernick’s more vocal critics and has used her platform to take as many shots as she needs. While Lahren has her fans who believe as she does that Kaepernick has disrespected the American Flag and the nation’s military, Twitter fans found her latest attack to be the lowest of blows.

We’ve collected some of the responses of Tomi Lahren’s Colin Kaepernick Twitter jab below and on the following pages.

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