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A construction worker survived a 625-volt zap to the head after getting pushed onto an electrified third rail during a drunken brawl in Brooklyn.

Although Andy Morris doesn’t recall anything from the event, witnesses said his body shook and smoke came out of his head.  Morris was pushed on the subway tracks of East New York on Monday night.

Witnesses say that he got into a verbal argument with two younger passengers while on a Queens-bound A train; the argument spilled onto the subway platform 10 stops later.

Morris was drunk and belligerent, and took a couple swings at the other men. Morris was as much an instigator as he was victim, but a third party watching the melee at the platform is the person who pushed him onto the tracks.

“Yes, I feel lucky. I could have died.”

Morris only remembers waking up in a hospital the next day, but knows he is one lucky man for still being here with us.