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In the last year, Lil Wayne has caught the ire of a few platinum producers, over unpaid wages for beats done on The Carter III.

At least one of those disgruntled beat makers says as long as he gets his money, there is no beef between him and the incarcerated Young Money head honcho.

In a recent interview with, Atlanta producerBangladesh, who is responsible for Lil Wayne’s ’08 summer jam, “A Milli,” had this to say,

“Everything is being worked out through the legal process. It’s really out of his control honestly. I mean he don’t run the label, he don’t own the label — he’s just on the label. I just got an email from my attorney saying they’re getting the exact number of what I’m owned and things will be taken care of.

The producer who is also behind hits by Ludacris and Beyonce went on to say, beef aside, he has plans to work on upcoming Young Money projects, including Nicki Minaj’s debut,

“[Young Money president] Mack Maine reached out to me not too long ago telling me Wayne wants some beats. It’s specific beats that he wants. My thing is, long as this gets taken care of and we don’t have any future problems everything will be worked out. It ain’t the beef with Wayne it’s just the whole label. I really never had too much of a relationship with Wayne, it was just more of a mutual friend type of thing. I guess [Mack Maine] talked to him from jail and he reached out to me telling me Nicki [Minaj] wanted something and, something I already did.”

With the monetary problems alleviated, that also opens the door for more collaborations between Bangladesh and Wayne on the martian’s upcoming album The Carter IV.