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Looks like even the people down under aren’t down with burning pages out of a holy book.

Australian law professor Alex Stuart has been placed on leave from his job after he posted a video on YouTube of him rolling and smoking pages out of the Bible and the Koran.

In the video – which has since been removed – titled, “Bible or Koran, which burns best?” the educator can be seen tearing, rolling and toking from pages out of the Christian and Islamic holy handbooks. The professor who says the stunt was, “a joke” even says in the video,

“With respect to books like the Bible and the Koran, whatever, just get over it.”

He even goes a far as exclaiming, “Holy,” after taking a huge drag off one of his sacrilegious doobies. His employer Queensland University of Technology didn’t get high off the fact that one of their workers was seemingly smoking pot while mocking organized religion and placed the lawyer on leave, pending an inquiry.

Stewart, a reported member of an atheist group in Brisbane insists that he was not smoking marijuana but cut grass. He also downplayed the videos message saying,

“People do this stuff all the time and if people get really upset about this then they’re taking it far too seriously.”

As previously reported, Terry Jones, a controversial Christian preacher in Florida, drew international ire after announcing a plan to burn 200 copies of the Koran. Many people believe this video was influenced by Jones’ declaration.